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Ever Wondered How To Paint Glass or Metal? Here's HOW!

Do you have a glass or metal project that you’d like to paint? Maybe you have a shiny, smooth surface that you’re worried about tackling. Here are a few hot tips and tricks for getting better adhesion on smooth surfaces!

Step 1) Clean your surface

The reason it can be difficult for paint to adhere to smooth surfaces is because they are very non-porous and there is no texture for the paint to grip onto. Follow these quick tips to make sure your paint will last for years to come!

Use a gentle, natural soap and warm water to clean your surface and remove any contaminants or oil that might prevent the paint from adhering. After you’ve washed your entire surface, it’s a good idea to use a new cloth to wipe everything down with plain water to remove any last residue.

Step 2) Prime, if necessary

If you’re working on a project that will get a lot of wear and tear and you’re concerned about durability, a primer might be the way to go. If you decide to use a primer, I like the powerful Country Chic Clear Bonding Primer, & it's a winner!

Step 3) Scuff sand your surface

Wait until your surface is completely dry, then use a coarse sanding block to lightly sand the entire surface of your piece. This gives your piece a bit more texture for the paint to grip onto and will lead to better adhesion. Make sure you use a clean cloth to wipe away any dust this creates before you move on to the next step.

Step 4) Apply a thin coat of paint

My go to paints are Country Chic & Annabell Duke, perfect for transforming crafts & furniture

Step 5) Add a second coat if needed.

For most colors you’ll find that just one coat is sufficient. But, if you’d like to add a second coat you can do so after letting the first coat dry for about 1-2 hours.

Step 6) Distress your piece if required

Voila - you have yourself a wonderful painted piece to go with your decor!

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